• 4 Stretching Exercises for Heel Pain

    by Dr. LaMour
    on Jun 24th, 2015

Tightness and aching at the back of your heel can come at any time. Maybe after a long day of standing or walking, or maybe it’s due to a recurring post-injury flare up. No matter what the source, at some point, almost everyone will experience a bout of heel pain. Whether your heel pain is temporary or you have more chronic heel pain like that associated with plantar fasciitis, these stretching exercises will help you relieve the tightness and aching.

Stretching Exercise #1 – Wall-Assisted Calf Stretch

This stretch lengthens the calf muscle from top to bottom. By keeping one heel on the ground, you extend the stretch all the way down to the base of the heel.

Stretching Exercise #2 – Seated Big Toe Stretch

This stretch is good to perform first thing in the morning or after long periods of sitting down.

Stretching Exercise #3 – Rolling Fascia Stretch

This soothing stretch uses items commonly found around the house to help relieve pain and pressure in the heel.

Stretching Exercise #4 – Seated Towel Stretch

A towel makes a simple stretching aide in this exercise.

If you suffer regularly from heel pain, maybe it’s time to do more than stretching out your heels. Contact the podiatry office of Dr. LaMour today so we can help you figure out how best to relieve your symptoms.

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