• Stylish Shoes That Are Good for Your Feet

    by Dr. LaMour
    on Mar 18th, 2015

Life doesn’t stop just because you have foot problems. You still have plenty to do, lots of places to go, and you’d prefer to look good at the same time. Unfortunately, most shoe manufacturers focus primarily on style, and give very little regard to how comfortable or functional a shoe should be. This seriously limits footwear options for those without foot conditions, and forces those with foot conditions to make the dreaded choice between style – which could mean a shoe that worsens an existing foot problem; or comfort – which usually means a shoe that looks like something your great-grandmother would wear. On the rare chance that a shoes checks both the style and comfort boxes, there’s not a wide variety of styles to select from, and you may end up wearing one pair of shoes for almost every occasion.

Thankfully, there are a few shoe brands that have intentionally been designed and manufactured to not only be good for your feet, but also to make sure you look good when wearing them. These brands offer a variety of shoes for different occasions, activities, and moods, which means that you may never have to limit yourself – or your feet – again.

Two of our favorite good-for-your-feet shoe brands are Vionic and Dr. Comfort, both of which offer stylish, comfy shoes for multiple occasions, including:

For Casual Friday: The Bryson Casual Lace-Up

This lightweight lace-up sneaker could easily transition from a casual day at the office to an after-work stroll in the park. With eye-catching design, it pairs perfectly with jeans or casual slacks, and offers built-in orthotic support to help feet maintain a natural, properly-aligned position and prevent heel pain. The shoe’s structure helps reduce over-pronation, so it’s ideal for people whose feet tend to roll inward when they walk.

Boots Made for Walking: The Adrie Ankle Boot

A hip, stylish ankle boot that doesn’t end up being a pain to walk in? It may sound too good to be true, this ankle boot proves that you can have it all. This boot’s rubber treaded soles improve traction and reduce the risk of slips and spills. Removable orthotic inserts allow you to customize the fit and feel of the shoe to suit your feet’s unique needs.

For the Everyday Athlete: Performance by Dr. Comfort

This shoe has everything you could ask for in a high-performance athletic shoe. It’s lightweight, suitable for a variety of athletic activities, and it has a unique arch stabilizer that provides extra support for people with conditions like flat feet. Best of all, it has a head-turning design that comes in a variety of colors. The only thing it won’t give you is an excuse not to exercise.

Down at the Boardwalk: Tide II Toe Sandal

Most sandals offer very little support for feet, but these beauties have a flexible, medium-density midsole that cradles the foot and absorbs shock, reducing impact on feet and ankles.

Ready to get your hands (and feet) on a pair of these eye-catching shoes? We have a wide selection of Dr. Comfort and Vionic styles available in our office. Contact us today so you can come by and check them out for yourself!

Original source:  http://www.drjefflamour.com/foot-care/stylish-shoes-good-feet/

Author Dr. LaMour

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