Sports Injuries

Many types of sports can be hard on the feet. Constricting footwear, fast repetitive movements, and increased risk of trauma or injury can all contribute to foot problems ranging from mild to serious.

Here are some of the most common injuries that occur during particular sports play and training.


This high-impact form of exercise can place stresses of up to six times the force of gravity on all 26 bones in your foot. With aerobics, proper well-fitted shoes are vital to preventing injury.

Your shoes should have strong medial-lateral (both toward and away from the midpoint) stability. They should also give you enough cushioning and shock absorption to handle pressure that’s many times greater than walking. Choose a shoe that’s geared toward aerobic exercise and strenuous activity.

Team sports

Whether you’re playing basketball, football, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, or any sport with teams, there is an increased risk of foot injury. These types of sports can often lead to ankle injuries due to improper footwear, inadequate stretching, or playing on artificial surfaces.

Basketball players in particular have a high risk for plantar fasciitis.

Kickboxing and martial arts

Typical injuries that result from kickboxing and martial arts like karate or tae kwon do include Achilles tendonitis, sesamoiditis, plantar fasciitis, and ankle sprains. To decrease your risk of foot injury, you should perform a minimum of 15 minutes of stretching exercises before engaging in any kicking or punching.

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