Laser Therapy Treatment and Toenail Fungus

Laser treatments are no longer the stuff of science fiction or the wild imagination of futuristic writers.   And now, if you have toenail fungus but are frustrated by the lengthy treatment time with oral or topical medications, there may be a better option available for you.

New but Proven Results!

Laser therapy is a new option for toenail fungus. It is completely safe and has been tested in several clinical trials by the Food and Drug Administration.  While results varied, as many as 85% of the participating subjects observed new nail growth with no fungus present.


Shortcomings of Current Therapies.

Many people take oral medications without issue, but it is possible to experience a number of uncomfortable side effects. Some of these reported problems include headaches, skin rashes, and skin sensitivity, fatigue or upset stomach. In extreme cases, the oral medication can lead to problems with kidney and liver function. Monthly blood tests are conducted during treatment to assess for these problems.

Another drawback to oral and topical medicines is treatment time. It can take many months of therapy before evidence of clearing is noted. Some patients taking long-term medicines grow frustrated with the slow pace of recovery.  Taking medicine for several months can also produce a burn-out effect.  Patients start to miss essential doses, even further prolonging satisfactory results.

The PinPointe FootLaser!

Several manufacturers make lasers designed for toenail fungus, but the only one cleared by the FDA through clinical trials is the PinPointe FootLaser. Manufactured in Chico, California by NovoLase Labs, the PinPointe FootLaser is the brand more practitioners choose for patient care, not only here in the U.S. but worldwide.

How it Works!

Laser therapy for toenails varies from one patient to the next. But in general, treatments can last as short as ten minutes. If you have multiple infected nails, standard treatment time is anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes.

You don’t have to go to the hospital or a surgical center. It is conveniently performed right here in the office. Every patient who has received treatment has reported the procedure is both convenient and pain-free.

After the patient is comfortably positioned, a hand-held laser device is placed directly over your nails, allowing the podiatrist to target areas of infection with exact precision. The laser emits concentrated light wavelength bursts at the site of fungal infection.

Most patients only require a single treatment.

You’re not off the hook!

Laser therapy benefits are tremendous! But after the laser treatment, it does not mean patients have a clean bill of health for the rest of their lives. Toenail fungus still remains an infectious disease and patients need to remain vigilant about their feet and take precautions. Just as you brush your teeth everyday to ward off cavities, you will need to protect your toenails from reinfection.  Remember to keep your feet clean and dry.  Treating yours shoes with an antifungal spray can help limit exposure to fungus. If you engage in activities such as walking barefoot at public locker rooms and showers, you may likely suffer a recurrence.

What about you? Have you ever been too embarrassed for people to see your feet because you have a fungus? If so, tell us about it and then give us a call at 512-451-3668!

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