• 4 Cute Boots That Are Good For Your Feet

    by Dr. LaMour
    on Nov 11th, 2015

What better fashion accessory to top off your favorite fall or winter outfit than a stylish pair of boots? Every year, new boot styles and trends send foot fashionistas running to snatch up the latest designs. Unfortunately, we all know that what may look great on your feet, may not always be the best for your feet. So, how can you tell which boots will damage your feet? And is absolutely necessary for you to sacrifice style to keep your feet healthy and happy?

How Boots Can Be Bad For Your Feet

Two of the most popular boot styles in recent years are perfect examples of how high foot fashion can spell big trouble for feet and ankles. Uggs – the shearling-lined boots that exploded in popularity in the 90s – seem like they would be perfectly comfortable for regular wear. But like many cute styles, they lack adequate support and cushion, which makes them unsuitable for long periods of standing or walking. Wearing unsupportive boots forces the foot to absorb more shock and pressure, especially when walking on hard, unforgiving surfaces like concrete. Over time, this excess pressure can cause foot pain and fatigue, weaken the foot’s structure and even cause fallen arches.

Cowboy boots are another example of a boot style that can cause foot problems for both men and women. The narrow, pointy toe box and stiff, inflexible boot shaft that cowboy boots are known for are the main culprits for foot pain and ankle injuries that can occur when wearing them. While you can take some measures to make your cowboy boots more comfortable, it’s better to opt for shoes that are better for your feet.

In addition to potential style snares, bad boot-wearing practices like wearing the same pair of boots every day, wearing boots for too long, and wearing boots without socks can also leave your feet susceptible to injury or infection. To keep your feet healthy, give your favorite pair of boots a rest between wearings. Be sure to wear socks with your boots and let them air out after wearing them, especially if you’re prone to sweaty feet. This can prevent buildup of any fungus or bacteria that could eventually develop into athlete’s foot or plantar warts. If you just can’t bear to part with your favorite pair of stylish, but unsupportive boots, talk to your podiatrist about having custom orthotic inserts made to fit inside them.

4 Boot Styles That Are Good For Your Feet

Thankfully, style and comfort doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive when it comes to selecting a great pair of boots for the season. Vionic’s foot-friendly selection of boots include these 4 styles that are designed to help prevent foot problems like heel painbunions, and flat feet. 

Flat boot

These comfortable biker-inspired boots are perfect for everyday wear with an edgy flare.

Ankle boot

The stacked heel provides greater stability and the rounded toe doesn’t crowd your feet.

Low-heel boot

These wear-with-everything booties are perfect for running errands, with just enough heel to give you a little lift.

Tall boot

A knee-high riding boot that adds understated elegance to any fall outfit.

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of boots that don’t hurt or damage your feet, come take a peek at our in-house selection of foot-friendly, podiatrist-designed footwear. Contact us today for an appointment or stop by our Austin or Pflugerville location.

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Author Dr. LaMour

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