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    by Dr. LaMour
    on Apr 2nd, 2014

The first day of spring was March 20, 2014.  Despite the Polar Vortex that gripped half the country this past winter, Austin, Texas came out mostly unscathed,  experiencing only occasional extreme cold spells.  If your feet were cold in the last few months, you could chalk it up to seasonal weather changes.

“Winter is over but my feet are still cold!”

What if your feet are still cold, but it’s growing warmer by the day? Cold feet in Austin during the spring could be an indication of trouble.  Are your feet chronically cold but your home is comfortably warm? Does wearing socks, shoes or slippers make little difference? You need to see a podiatrist.

Whether you have a preexisting condition or not, cold feet are a cause for concern. It’s time to see Jeffery Dr. LaMour. He and his team have a unique approach for overall foot health. This includes a thorough examination of the ankles, bones, muscles, tissue and circulatory process.

It’s not about the Weather

Cold feet are mostly caused by poor circulation instead of outdoor weather changes, and any number of medical conditions could be contributing to the problem. Do you already suffer from thyroid disease, peripheral vascular disease and/or diabetes?  If the answer is “yes,” don’t delay seeking help.

Chronic diseases such as the ones listed above have many common side effects. Over time, metabolic, neurovascular and autoimmune factors affect the flow of oxygen and blood to the smaller vessels of the feet and toes. This condition is known as peripheral neuropathy.

Symptoms to Look Out For

Symptoms of this damage vary from one patient to the next, but common indicators include numbness, tingling, weakness, and pain. The color of the foot many also change to a pale, dusky color. Symptoms may be more acute or worsen during the night.

Patients with nerve and circulatory damage can experience these symptoms in all of their extremities, but feet and legs are more likely to be affected first.

Prevention is key, right?

The best way to prevent the onset of peripheral neuropathy is to keep the body functioning as close to normal as possible. This means patients should strive to maintain normal blood sugar levels and follow a doctor’s recommended prescription and exercise regimen.

It is also important to regularly schedule visits with a qualified podiatrist. Routine comprehensive exams can allow Dr. Jeffery W. LaMour to conduct the following tests; checking blood pressure, heart rate, muscle strength and reflexes. He will also check sensitivity to position changes, temperature, light touch and vibration.

Cold Feet Treatments

After a thorough examination, Dr. Jeffery W. LaMour works with patients to achieve an inclusive treatment plan.

Warm weather and cold feet just don’t mix. Take action today.

Original Source: http://www.drjefflamour.com/healthy-diet/healthy-foot-challenge/cold-feet-hot-weather-contact-dr-jeffery-w-lamour-now/

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