• Foot Surgery 101

    by Dr. LaMour
    on Jul 1st, 2015

Are you considering having foot surgery to help relieve a painful foot problem? Has your doctor already scheduled you for foot surgery and you’re not sure what’s next? Whether you’re still gathering information about foot surgery or you’re about to undergo surgery yourself, here are some essential facts about foot surgery that you should be aware of. 

Foot Surgery – When It’s Recommended

Generally, foot surgery is recommended when one or more of these conditions are met:

Each patient’s case is different, and your podiatrist can help you decide if surgery is the best option.

What Foot Conditions Are Treated By Surgery?

Foot surgery can be used to address a number of foot conditions, but is usually reserved for severe cases of foot conditions that have not responded to more conservative treatment options. Foot surgery can be used to treat:

Before Foot Surgery – Getting Ready

As with any surgery, a number of examinations or tests will need to be performed before foot surgery. These pre-surgery steps could include:

Before the date of your procedure, your doctor should explain what will happen during and after your surgery. Make sure you prepare and ask any questions you may have about your surgery as well.

Different Types of Foot Surgery

There are almost as many different types of foot surgery as there are foot conditions, but in general, foot surgeries involve one or more of the following types of surgical procedure:

Foot surgeries can either be outpatient – the patient goes home the same day of the surgery; or inpatient – the patient remains in the hospital under the care of medical staff for one or more days before going home.

After Foot Surgery – Recovery Options

The recovery plan as well as the amount of time it takes to recover after a foot surgery will largely depend on what type of surgical procedure was performed. Your podiatrist will develop an aftercare plan that is specific to your situation.

Most post-operative recovery include elements of the foot injury protocol of rest, ice, compression and elevation. Your foot may be immobilized for a period of time with a cast, bandage, or surgical shoe. Your doctor may also recommend foot exercises, special footwear, or physical therapy sessions to assist with the healing and recovery process.

Every patient’s case is different, so it’s crucial to discuss your specific foot condition with a qualified physician to see if surgery is the right option for you. Schedule an appointment with us to discuss your questions and concerns about foot surgery.

Original Source: http://www.drjefflamour.com/foot-diseases/foot-surgery-101/

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