You Enjoy Wearing High Heels? 5 Tips to Save Your Feet

High heels can be hard on your feet, but your foot doctor in Austin and Pflugerville, TX, can help you protect your feet from the kind of damage that high heels often incur. The following suggestions are things you can do to minimize the occurrence of foot pain, bunions, and more.

1. Wear chunky heels and platforms when possible.

Stiletto heels make balancing difficult and can lead to ankle injuries. Chunky heels and platform heels help distribute the weight better and can lead to fewer injuries.

2. Wear shoes that fit just right.

Shoes that don’t fit right can lead to injuries in various ways. Too big-shoes can lead your foot to slip and slide inside the shoe, causing sores and putting extra pressure on the toes. Too tight-shoes can rub all over, including at the ankles, toes, and more.

Look for shoes that fit just right, snug but not too snug. For best results, buy your shoes in brick-and-mortar stores and have your feet fitted by a professional.

3. Vary the shoes you wear.

Avoid wearing the same pair of high heels every day. Wear heels with varied heel heights to avoid putting the same pressure on your feet daily. Whenever possible, wear shoes that don’t have heels.

4. Invest in silicone metatarsal pads.

Also called “met pads,” silicone metatarsal pads fit under the balls of your feet and help with shock absorption, making your day less painful and more comfortable. Many companies make these pads, so talk to your foot doctor to get recommendations on brands and types. You may need to try a few different styles until you find the right type of pad for your feet.

5. Visit the podiatrist for foot pain.

High heels can cause problems like bunions in Austin and Pflugerville, TX. Your foot doctor can help. At Dr. Jeffrey Lamour, DPM, PA, we effectively treat bunions and other foot problems. We can help you explore safe ways to wear shoes with heels. Call today to make an appointment.