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3 Things to Know About Morton’s Neuroma

The nerves in your foot can change over time, usually due to consistently applying the wrong type of pressure. If you’ve heard of Morton’s neuroma in Austin, TX, we’ll discuss what you should know about the condition, its symptoms, and the treatments available. 1. Morton’s Neuroma Refers to Nerve Inflammation  The termneuroma in Austin, TX, […]

How Are Bunions Formed?

HBunions are uncomfortable bumps that most often form on the sides of the feet near the base of the big toe, on the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint. They typically grow larger over time, so if you notice a bump developing, you should contact your podiatrist in Austin, TX, for treatment. Note that one form of bunion, called […]

You Broke Your Toe Now What?

Oh no, you broke your toe, now what? A broken toe could be serious, but you’ll need a podiatrist in Austin, TX, to look at it and recommend a treatment. So, let’s look at the difference between minor and severe toe fractures, the symptoms of each, how they are treated, and how long it will take […]

What Is Fibrous Scar Tissue?

When your body is injured, whether it’s from a fracture or a burn, it will get to work trying to heal itself. It’s one of the body’s most tremendous assets, but the healing process can also leave its essence behind. We’ll look at how fibrous scar tissue is formed and what you can do to […]