5 Signs You Need to Change Your Running Shoes

If you’re a serious runner, then you know how important it is to have comfortable, safe running shoes. You should replace your running shoes about every 300 miles or so, but if your running shoes are not the greatest quality, or if you routinely run over rough surfaces like rocky trails, gravel roads, and other uneven surfaces, then your shoes may wear down more quickly than others. Knowing the signs that it’s time to replace your running shoes can help you take care of your feet.

1. Your Feet Hurt When You Run

Your feet or joints should not feel like they’ve been through a challenging exercise after a run. While it’s ok to feel worn down, tired or winded – you should not experience painful feet after a run. If you do, get new running shoes to see if this helps. If it doesn’t, speak with a podiatrist in Austin, TX.

2. Your Soles Are Worn Down

The soles of your shoes should not be terribly worn down. If they are, this is a sign that your shoes are not holding up well to the wear and tear of your running routine. Whether you’ve hit 300 miles in the shoes or not, it’s time to replace them.

3. You Don’t Know How Many Miles You’ve Run

Did you lose track of how many miles you’ve run in your current shoes? If you’ve had them a long time and you don’t know how long, then you may have already hit the 300-mile mark. Consider replacing your shoes just to ensure that your feet are well cared for.

If this isn’t the first time you’ve had a hard time keeping track of how many miles you’ve run in your shoes, put the date of purchase on the inside of your next pair. If you can estimate how many miles you usually run per week, then you should be able to track when you’ve run 300 miles in your shoes.

4. You Feel The Impact of Each Stride

If it feels like you’re hitting the ground hard with every stride you take, then it may be time for new shoes or custom orthotics. It may also be time for help with heel pain in Austin or Pflugerville TX. Call today to make an appointment.