Why Does Only One Toe Hurt After Running?

Running injuries may be common, but not all of them are explainable. If you find that just one toe hurts after running when everything else feels fine, you might be confused about the root cause. We’ll look at the most common reasons and what you can do to solve the problem.

Impacted Toe

Even runners with the best fit and form have a tremendous impact on their bodies. Taking precautions (e.g., running in sand or on dirt) can help, but it can’t eliminate every potential issue. An impacted toe in Austin, TX, can result in anything from mild bruising to a stress fracture.


A single corn or blister on a toe is fairly easy to spot, but it can start off as just red, irritated skin. A foot doctor in Austin, TX, can tell you that this is usually caused by the repeated friction of your shoes and socks against the skin for miles on end. You can help prevent these issues by moisturizing your feet regularly and using insoles, but you may also need better-fitting shoes.

Runner’s Toe

Runner’s toe is caused when your nail is stressed under the weight of the run, eventually causing it to bleed. As it bleeds, it darkens the toe, which causes it to look black. It’s not dangerous, but it may hurt. You’ll typically see a runner’s toe occur on the big toe, though it’s worth noting that it can happen to any of your little piggies. Your toe may also fall off and then grow back.

What to Do for Toe Pain in Austin, TX

The most obvious way to figure out the cause of the toe pain is to categorize the type of pain you’re experiencing. General pain that goes away after a few days can likely be traced back to improperly sized shoes. Severe throbbing or aching could signify something more serious, like a fracture.

If you’re looking for relief, whether from runner’s toe or hammertoe in Austin, TX, contact the offices of Dr. Jeffrey Lamour, DPM, PA, to see how you can adjust. This way, you can run more miles with less pain.