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4 Big Reasons Your Ingrown Toenails Keep Coming Back

Pain with every step, inflammation around the toenail, excruciating tenderness when you apply pressure to your toe—sounds like you need ingrown toenail treatment in Austin. Unfortunately, treatment for ingrown toenails is not always once and done; many people have to see a podiatrist more than once for the same problem. Here is a look at just […]

What’s the Best Way to Groom Toenails?

You might think that a simple thing like grooming toenails couldn’t cause any harm. But if you groom toenails incorrectly, you could actually end up needing to visit your podiatrist in Austin, TX. There are actually good ways and bad ways to groom toenails. Here’s a guide for steps to take. Groom Toenails Regularly It’s easier […]

Serious Warnings About Foot Fungus

Your podiatrist in Austin wants you to know how serious foot fungus can be. Rather than ignore this potentially serious condition, it’s important to recognize the warnings about foot fungus so you can get appropriate treatment when necessary. What is Foot Fungus? Foot fungus includes any fungus that presents on any part of the foot […]