3 Signs of a Granuloma  

A granuloma annulare in Pflugerville, TX is a type of rash that forms on the hands and feet. It’s characterized by a ring pattern and raised bumps along the skin, and it’s often a response to a change in the body. This could be anything from taking a new prescription medication to getting a bug bite to being out in the sun for too long.

It’s not exactly clear what causes this issue, but there are a few symptoms that you can use to identify whether you have it. We’ll look at what they are and why it might help to see a specialist if any of the following sound familiar.

3 Major Symptoms

If you have a granuloma, you might see or experience:

  • Lesions: Localized granulomas occur on the feet and ankles and present as circular or semicircular lesions that can be up to 2” across.
  • Itching: Your rash might be itchy, depending on its severity.
  • Mild pain: It’s rare for pain to develop in a granuloma annulare, though some patients will report it.


The most common treatment is an anti-inflammation treatment, which can be administered either via topical solution (e.g., applied directly to the skin) or through an injection. However, there are a number of other potential measures to treat this condition, based on the type and symptoms. For instance, light or freezing therapy may slow the growth of the rash.

Find a Podiatrist in Austin, TX

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