5 Comfortable Heels for All-Day Wear

Most women know that high heels aren’t good for their feet, but, since a pair of heels can make a great outfit look even more fabulous, many women insist on wearing them anyway. A survey conducted by the American Podiatric Medical Association shows that 42% of women would wear a shoe they liked even if it gave them discomfort. Aside from the discomfort of foot pain, wearing heels can cause or aggravate any number of foot problems, including:

  • Corns and Calluses – High-heeled shoes put excess pressure on the toes, heels, and balls of the feet. Hard, thickened skin develops as a result of friction from the foot rubbing against the shoe.
  • Morton’s Neuroma – Many heels feature a tapered shoe box, which can squeeze toes together and cramp the forefoot. A neuroma – a painful thickening of the nerve tissue in the ball of the foot – can develop as a result.
  • Bunions – High heels don’t necessarily cause bunions (a bony bump at the base of the big toe), but they can speed up the progression of this foot deformity.
  • Ankle Sprains – Walking in high heels increases the risk of experiencing a sprained ankle, especially when walking on slippery or uneven surfaces.

While it’s not always easy to find a pair of heels that are actually cute, comfortable, and won’t damage your feet – it’s not impossible. Below are five stylish yet comfortable heels worth adding to your wardrobe.

5 Comfortable Heel Styles

Both the Mabrey Pump and the Sumner Pump from Vionic offer a take on the classic pump with features like premium leather, a thicker heel, and a gradual pitch that improve stability and make for an easy-wearing, all-day heel. Vionic’s Stanton Wedge Bootie features a wedge heel and a broad, round toe for maximum comfort.

Mabrey Pump from Vionic

Sumner Pump from Vionic

Stanton Wedge Bootie from Vionic

The classic Carmen heel from Dr. Comfort is built for stability with a no-slip heel and an adjustable T-strap style. Dr. Comfort also offers a take on the classic Mary Jane with the Coco, a style that offers a bit of elegance but still factors in comfort via an adjustable strap and a wide outsole.

Carmen Classic Heel from Dr. Comfort

Coco Classic Heel from Dr. Comfort

When shopping for shoes, follow these tips to find the right pair of heels that won’t wreck your feet:

  • Have your foot measured! The size and shape of your feet can change over time. Go shoe shopping later in the day when your feet tend to be swollen.
  • To prevent the foot from sliding forward, go for styles with an adjustable strap, like T-strap styles and Mary Janes, that help secure the foot and keep it centered on the arch.
  • Improve stability and comfort by picking styles with a thicker heel or a wider outsole.
  • Alleviate pain and pressure on the ball of the foot with shoes that offer a more gradual slope or pitch of the heel, like platforms.
  • Choose shoes made with quality materials and solid craftsmanship.

Ready to get your hands on (and your feet into)  some comfortable new heels? Contact us today or stop by our office to take a look at our in-house selection of styles from Vionic and Dr. Comfort.

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