5 Symptoms of Diabetes on Feet and Ankles

When you visit your podiatrist in Austin, Texas, did you know that you are getting much more than a feet and ankle exam? Your podiatrist is the first line of defense against diabetes when symptoms first appear in this area. Millions of people have diabetes, and too many of those people end up losing the use of their feet because of this common disease. The earlier that diabetes can be diagnosed, the better the outcome. Having regular appointments with your Austin podiatrist will help to ensure that any diabetic symptoms affecting the feet and ankles can be treated as necessary. Here are five symptoms to look out for.

1. Ankle Swelling

Swelling in the ankles indicates poor circulation, which is a common side effect of having diabetes. One sign of this is visible swelling, of course. But another sign is if your ankle socks leave visible rings around your ankles when you remove them.

2. Irregular Skin Color

Diabetes frequently causes discoloration of the feet, ankles or even lower legs. Discoloration may appear dark red purple or blue, which indicates poor circulation in the lower vascular system.

3. Numbness in the toes

Another symptom of diabetes on feet is numbness of the toes. When you have your podiatrist appointment, your doctor may test your level of sensation on your feet and toes. If any abnormalities are noticed, this could indicate diabetes.

4. Loss of Hair on Feet or Legs

Men with diabetes may experience loss of hair on the tops of their toes, while women with diabetes may experience loss of hair on their legs. Your podiatrist may suspect diabetes as an underlying cause if hair loss is detected.

5. Sores That Won’t Heal

If you have a sore on the feet or ankles that isn’t healing, this may indicate diabetes. Unfortunately, since diabetes also sometimes causes numbness, you may not even be aware of having a sore on your foot. However, your podiatrist will notice it and ask about it during your podiatrist appointment, including how long the sore has been there.

As you can see, regular podiatrist appointments can actually help you to get diabetes diagnosed quicker so that treatment can begin as soon as possible. Book an appointment with your Austin, TX podiatrist today!

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