Achilles Tendinitis: Signs and Symptoms

Your Achilles tendon is the band of tissue that connects the heel of your foot to your calf muscles. If you overuse it, you may develop a painful condition called Achilles tendinitis. Achilles tendinitis can affect anyone who has recently abused their Achilles tendon, but it happens mostly to athletes. This is especially true of runners, joggers, and those who play aggressively active sports, such as racquetball or tennis. Usually, it begins as an ache in the heel or calf and intensifies with use.

If you suspect you may have Achilles tendinitis in Austin, TX, a visit to your podiatrist will provide solutions.

Early Signs of Achilles Tendinitis

If you stress your Achilles tendon, your first symptom may be stiffness or a dull ache in the affected area upon waking in the morning. As you move throughout your day, the pain may lessen, only to return in full force the next morning.

This condition may be mildly painful or comfortable. Or, it may feel debilitating, making it difficult for you to walk. If you’re suffering severe pain in your Achilles tendon, this may indicate something more serious than tendinitis, such as a torn tendon. In this instance, you should seek emergency care.

Additional Symptoms of Achilles Tendinitis

If you’ve overstressed your Achilles tendon, it may feel painful to the touch. You may also experience heat and swelling in the area surrounding your heel. Additionally, you may find it nearly impossible to climb stairs or to stand on your toes.

These are all signs that you need to make an appointment with your podiatrist in Austin, TX, right away. Dr. Jeffrey Lamour, DPM, PA, is a top choice. Call today to schedule a consultation and to begin treatment for Achilles tendinitis.

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