What Are The Causes of Bunions and Neuromas?

Bunions and neuromas are common foot problems that can cause significant discomfort and affect daily activities. While different factors can cause these conditions, they share similarities regarding symptoms and treatment options.

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What are Bunions and Neuromas?

A bunion is a bony bump that forms at the base of the big toe joint. It occurs when the joint moves out of place and becomes unstable, causing the bones to shift and the toe to angle toward the other toes. On the other hand, a neuroma is a painful condition that affects the nerves in the ball of the foot. It can cause burning pain, numbness, and tingling sensations and can be aggravated by wearing tight shoes or high heels.

What Causes Bunions and Neuromas?

The exact causes of bunions and neuromas are not fully understood, but some factors can increase your risk of developing these conditions:


Bunions and neuromas can run in families, suggesting that there may be a genetic component involved in their development.


Wearing tight shoes or high heels can pressure the toes and the ball of the foot, increasing the risk of developing bunions and neuromas.

Foot Injuries

Injuries to the foot, such as fractures or sprains, can lead to changes in the alignment of the foot and increase the risk of developing bunions and neuromas.

Your Local Quality Podiatrist

Bunions and neuromas can cause significant discomfort and affect your daily activities. If you are experiencing any symptoms of these conditions, seeing a podiatrist for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment is critical. During your next consultation with the adept team at Dr. Jefferey Lamour DPM, PA, of Austin, TX, you can be sure you are receiving the proper care and guidance you deserve.

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