Will Bunions Go Away On Their Own?

Bunions are formed when the bones and the muscles of the foot don’t agree. Once they’re misaligned, they create a bump that sticks underneath the base of the big toe. It’s possible that bunions are an inheritable trait, though they may be a product of poorly fitting shoes or inflammatory conditions. If you’re wondering if bunions in Pflugerville will go away on their own, you should know a few things about the condition.

Reversing Bunions

There is really no way to reverse a bunion without treatment unless the bunion is caught at the very beginning. If the joint is still flexible, then it may be able to go back to its original position. Once it’s formed, though, it’s likely to get bigger over time. The much bigger question is whether this will affect you and your mobility. Many people will have bunions without adverse effects. If it’s growing, it’s doing so at a slow enough pace that you may not even notice.

If you are feeling pain or discomfort and don’t wish to have surgery for your bunions, you can consider anything from regular over-the-counter medication to special shoes. If you want to give your feet the healthiest conditions, make sure you choose a shoe with a wide toebox, preferably with enough support at the sole and without a high heel.

See a Podiatrist in Austin

The best way to treat bunions with the help of a professional is to catch them as early as possible. Seeing a podiatrist in Austin, TX, could halt the progress. From custom orthotics to splinting, the staff of Dr. Jeffrey Lamour, DPM, PA, can help you learn more about the best ways to combat this common occurrence.


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