4 Features to Look for in Feet Supporting Sandals

With summer well on the way, you may be geared up to trade in your boots and shoes for warm-weather sandals. Remember, you can get custom orthotics in Austin, TX, even for sandals. However, before heading off to the shoe store in search of the best flip-flops and open-toed sandals, check out a few features to look for in summer footwear that can actually properly support your feet.

1. Well-Cushioned Heels

The heel takes the brunt of your weight when stepping. Therefore, make sure the sandals you are considering have a sturdy heel formation with a bit of cushion to absorb the shock of each step.

2. Arch Support

Sandals are relatively notorious for not offering enough arch support. However, walking on a flat footbed when your foot has a natural arch can put a lot of stress on the tendons in your foot. Therefore, make sure the sandals have at least a small amount of arch support. Adding orthotics may be an option if you have especially deep arches.

3. Durable Sole and Footbed Material

Take a look at the sole of the sandal and consider:

  • Can the sole protect your foot from jagged rocks or sharp objects?
  • How much traction does the sole of the sandal have?
  • Does the sole have some level of rigidity when you flex it?

4. Good Fit

It may go without saying, but well-made sandals are only good if they actually fit your feet. Make sure to try sandals on before buying them. Ensure your feet rest inside the frame of the footbed with no hangover, even the tips of your toes. Also, make sure the sandals stay secure on your feet when you take a step. Shifting and movement can cause issues with blisters and chafing but also put you at risk of a fall.

Get Advice About Footwear from an Austin Podiatrist

Good shoes can work wonders for your foot health, possibly even preventing a visit to see an Austin podiatrist. Need advice about the best footwear or custom orthotics? Reach out to the office of Jeffery Lamour DPM, PA to schedule an appointment.

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