3 Ways to Achieve Bunion Relief at Home

Tired of dealing with bunion pain? These bony bumps can sure be a pain in the foot, and seeking bunion treatment in Austin, TX is always recommended. However, as you wait for your appointment, there may be a few things you can do to find some relief at home.

1. Use hot and cold therapy on your aching feet

Heat packs, ice water soaks, and even massage can help with some bunion pain. The bunion hurts because of the undue stress on the joint and the inflammation that surrounds it. Therefore, anything you can do to bring down the levels of inflammation will likely offer some level of relief. See how your bunions respond to different things to determine what brings you the most relief.

2. Consider wearing a splint while you sleep

Foot splints for bunions are designed to straighten the affected toe, which may potentially alleviate some of the pain you feel the next day. Foot splints for bunion pain can be purchased at most medical device stores but should be discussed with a doctor before use. Talk to the foot doctor about wearing a foot splint while you sleep to help with the discomfort.

3. Protect the bunion inside your shoes

If you have to be up and about despite the bunion, look at ways to protect that area of your foot. For example, you can purchase gel pads that stick to the bunion and prevent it from rubbing the inside of your shoe when you walk. This protection may also help reduce callus formation and friction lesions that can also be a source of bunion pain.

Talk to a Podiatrist in Austin About Bunion Treatment

Buinion pain can seriously inhibit your ability to move as much as you want. If you’re tired of dealing with bunions, seeking treatment from a podiatrist in Austin, TX is important. Ready to schedule an appointment? Call us at the office of Dr. jeffery Lamour DPM, PA.


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