Are Over-the-Counter Foot Peels Safe?

Calluses, cracks, dry skin—your feet can get pretty rough due to everyday use and stress. And, most people prefer to keep their feet feeling soft and looking good. Over-the-counter foot peels have grown to be increasingly popular. However, many people call their podiatrist in Austin, TX with questions about the safety of these products. So, are foot peels actually safe to use? Take a look at a few things to know before slipping your feet into a booty filled with foot-peel ingredients.

Common Foot-Peel Product Ingredients

Foot peel products can contain different ingredients depending on the product. However, most contain some type of acid-based exfoliating agent, such as:

  • Glycolic acid
  • Alpha-hydroxy acid
  • Lactic acid

These chemicals break down the outer layers of skin on your feet. Therefore, a few days after using the product, your feet will start to peel. The end result is typically softer feet and fewer calluses.

Do Foot Peels Actually Help Your Feet?

Foot peels can be effective if you have dry or rough patches or mild calluses. The product should never be used anywhere else on your body but your feet. The feet are covered with thicker skin, which sheds slower than the rest of the body. Therefore, foot peels can indeed be beneficial for some people when they are selected carefully and used according to the instructions.

Who Should Not Use a Foot Peel Product?

While foot peels can be fine on occasion to soften your feet, there are some situations when foot peels should not be used. For example, these products can be dangerous for diabetics who may not shed skin or heal at the same rate as someone else. Likewise, foot peels should not be used if you have abrasions, lesions, or cuts on your feet.

Discuss Foot Peels with an Austin Podiatrist

If you are considering a foot peel, be sure to talk to an Austin, TX podiatrist about your plans first. There can be better options available for some people. Reach out to the office of Dr. Jeffery Lamour DPM, PA to schedule an appointment.

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