Do I Need Professional Care for a Sprained Ankle?

Ankle sprains are some of the most common injuries an athlete can have, which can lead many people to downplay their aftermath. While most sprains can be treated at home with rest and elevation, the reality is that ankle sprains in Pflugerville or Austin, TX can range in severity. In the most extreme cases, you can end up needing surgery to correct the problem.

What Constitutes a Sprain?

Twisting your ankle and spraining it are technically two different things, with the sprain being the more problematic condition of the two. If you awkwardly come down on your ankle and the pain goes away nearly immediately after, it’s safe to say that you don’t need professional care. However, if you hear something when you come down on the ankle, like a popping sound, or your ankle is about twice the size it was before, it might be time to see a doctor.

Sprains VS. Breaks

It’s not as easy as rotating your ankle to determine whether or not your ankle was broken. With so many bones in this part of the body, it can be hard to tell whether it was broken without an official X-ray — and even the photos might leave the healthcare provider on the fence. If you have questions, talking to a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine in Pflugerville or Austin, TX can help you fill in the blanks.

Podiatrists in Pflugerville or Austin, TX

Your ankles are a confluence of bones, ligaments, and tendons. They hold the leg and the foot together, and it doesn’t always take much force to throw the whole system out of balance. Whether you’re in Pflugerville or Austin, TX, Dr. Jeffery W. LaMour can tell you more about what happened to your ankle, so you don’t have to worry.

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