Does Hammertoe Mean I Need Surgery?

In general, hammertoes do not require surgery. However, there are people who will need this procedure if they have an extreme case. We’ll look at what you should know about hammertoe in Pflugerville or Austin, TX and why surgical intervention should be the last resort.

Flexible Hammertoes

A hammertoe is defined as an abnormality in any of the middle toes. If the second, third, or fourth little piggy becomes bent in the middle, it will cause stress on the muscles and joints that surround it. Called hammertoe because it makes one of your toes look a little like the tool, they start off as flexible problems. It’s only if they’re gone untreated by a podiatrist in Pflugerville or Austin, TX that they become more of a permanent condition.

Why Does Hammer Toe Happen?

The most common reason for hammer toe is wearing shoes that don’t fit. If your footwear narrows toward the toe, it can cause your smaller toes to become bent. If this goes on for long enough, the toe muscles will no longer be strong enough to straighten out the toe.

In addition to being unable to straighten your toes, common symptoms include:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Corns/calluses on the tip of the toe or top middle joint
  • Trouble walking

Podiatrists in Pflugerville or Austin, TX

The most common treatments for hammertoe include changing shoes, wearing inserts, splinting the toe together, or completing special exercises to strengthen the toes. If you have questions about your hammer toe in Pflugerville, TX or you’re discouraged because home remedies have only done so much to solve the problem, Dr. Jeffrey W. LaMour, DPM may be able to help. Our goal is always to help the people of Austin and Pflugerville avoid surgery whenever possible. Contact us today if you don’t want it to get any worse.

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