Home Remedies for Athlete’s Foot That can Actually Help

Itching, redness, inflammation between your toes—it sounds like you may have an issue with athlete’s foot. This irritating podiatric condition is not one to overlook; it can lead to a host of other issues beyond just being uncomfortable. While the foot doctor can always help you with the condition, you may be able to get some relief with a few home remedies that can actually be effective for some people.

Pour Hydrogen Peroxide on the Affected Area

Hydrogen peroxide can be used to kill certain types of fungus, including the fungi that cause athlete’s foot. You may be able to find a bit of relief from your irritating problem by pouring a bit of store-bought hydrogen peroxide over the affected area. You may feel a bit of stinging, but you should see the peroxide bubble just a bit as it works to kill the fungus.

Rub Tea Tree and Coconut Oil On the Affected Area

Tea tree oil is effective against the types of fungus that can be the root cause of athlete’s foot. Mix a bit of tea tree oil with a mild carrier oil like coconut oil or almond oil and apply the mixture to the affected area a few times every day. Keep in mind that tea tree oil all by itself can be a bit more potent, and it can cause skin irritation for some people.

Soak Your Feet in Rubbing Alcohol and Water

Rubbing alcohol also has the potential to kill fungus, even the type that causes athlete’s foot. It is not recommended to directly apply alcohol to the affected area because it will burn, but you can soak your feet in a water bath with alcohol. The best ratio to use to try this method is 70 percent rubbing alcohol and 30 percent water.

Get Help with Athlete’s Foot in Austin, TX

Even with some effective home remedies, athlete’s foot can be hard to completely get rid of without medical attention. If you have a stubborn case of athlete’s foot, i can lead to other risks to the health of your feet. Reach out to us at the office of Dr. Jeffery LaMour, DPM, PA.

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