Odd Toenail Issues and What They May Mean

You probably clip them, paint them, and try to keep them clean, but you may not realize that your toenails can be a direct indicator of your health. Check out some of the odd toenail issues and what they may mean.

Your toenails break easy and seem extremely brittle.

Toenails should be thick enough to protect the tip of your toe, so if they are brittle and break easily, it can cause some concerns. Brittle toenails can be a sign of overexposure to certain detergents, chemicals, or moisturizers. Toenails can actually take in too much moisture and get thinner due to overexposure to certain agents. Likewise, toenails can become brittle and dry if you are not staying hydrated enough.

Your toenails are extremely thick and difficult to trim.

Toenails are naturally thicker than fingernails, which can mean they are a bit harder to trim. However, your toenails should not be so thick that they are practically impossible to trim with ordinary clippers. If they are, it can be a sign that something else is going on. For example, people with high blood sugar levels related to diabetes can develop thick toenails and toenail fungus can also be to blame.

Your toenails frequently fall off.

Toenails fall off when they separate from the nail bed, and once a toenail does fall off, it cannot reattach. You have to wait for a new nail to grow in its place, which can take as long as 18 months for toes. Losing your toenails can come from a lot of causes, such as:

  • Direct injury to the affected toenail
  • Taking certain medications
  • Exposing the toe to certain types of chemicals
  • Untreated toenail fungus
  • Psoriasis on the toes
  • Ringworm
  • Poor blood flow to the toenails

Talk to an Austin Podiatrist About Odd Toenail Issues

Your toenails may seem like a small part of your feet and the health of your feet, but even small problems can be a big deal, so you should seek professional advice. Reach out to us at the office of Dr. Jeffery LaMour, DPM, PA, a podiatrist in Austin, TX, to schedule an appointment if you have odd toenail issues.

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