Prevent Foot Pain from Running with Kinesio Taping

Running can help you stay in shape, live without stress ruling your life, and genuinely feel good about your body. Unfortunately, it’s also a high-impact activity with the potential to cause injuries, like plantar fasciitis in Austin TX. Kinesio taping can help, however, in decreasing the stress on your tendons and other sensitive structures. Ready to get started in reducing the risk of running injuries? Here’s what you need to know.

How Kinesio Taping Works

Developed by Dr. Kenzo Kase in the late 70s, Kinesio taping serves as a way to give your tendons extra support without restricting movement. The medical-grade elastic tape gets strategically applied to your areas in need of extra support. The tape helps decompress your tissues while you run, effectively preventing repetitive stress injuries, including plantar fasciitis. When properly applied, Kinesio tape can also help your body recover faster after injuries occur.

Which Conditions Benefit from Kinesio Taping

Although Kinesio taping gets used for injury prevention, first and foremost, it’s also an effective tool for helping you heal from:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Achilles’ tendonitis
  • Patellofemoral stress syndrome
  • IT band friction syndrome

Your podiatrist will assess your condition and let you know if Kinesio taping could help. Then, they will assist in helping you learn how to properly apply the tape for the best results.

When to Seek Care from Your Austin Podiatrist

Any time you notice pain from running, schedule a visit with your podiatrist in Austin TX. To do that, simply call 512-451-3668 to find a great time to come speak with Dr. LaMour. During your visit, he’ll perform a thorough examination to see if you’re suffering from any injuries and could benefit from his care. You can also discuss Kinesio taping and other injury prevention techniques at that time.

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