The Connection Between Ankle Pain and Back Pain

When you think about ankle pain in Austin, TX, you might not immediately connect it to back pain. The two body parts may seem far enough apart that you would feel it more in your legs than you would in your back. We’ll look at why ankles can be a sneaky cause of back pain (even chronic back pain) and what you can do to help stave it off.

New Walking Patterns

When you hurt your ankle, your body and walking patterns will start to shift to accommodate for the injury. You might limp to avoid pain or start to use new muscles to carry the load. The more you do this, the more strain you put on the rest of the body. It also doesn’t take a severe injury to notice a difference in your back. A podiatrist in Pflugerville, TX can tell you that even a small annoyance can affect your stability, which, over time, can manifest in serious pain.

Treating an Ankle Injury in Austin

The back is already vulnerable to pressure, and this is true even if you never hurt your ankle. The best thing you can do when it comes to an ankle injury is to treat it as thoroughly as you can. This may mean staying off of it for a while until it has the chance to properly heal. From rest to compression, there are numerous home care remedies that can make a difference.

If you’re experiencing back pain with no discernible cause, it might help to visit a foot doctor in Austin. At the office of Dr. Jeffrey Lamour, DPM, PA, you’ll meet an expert who can tell you more about everything from your gait to your weight distribution affects the body as a whole.

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